Lisa Ford Berry - Founder / Forever Michael's Mother

Dr. Shadi Jani MD, MS - President

Shirley Widdrshoven - Secretary/Treasure

Elizabeth Stowell RN - Salem General Hospital

Jessica Wharton MFT - Sacramento City Unified School Dist.

Cole Zick - Capital Christian Center

Watch. Stand fast in the faith. Be Strong.Be Brave. Our mission is to create awareness that demands accountability while calling for action to empower our children with resiliencey so our children will grow up to be caring and confident adults.

Michael Joseph Berry was a victim of a peer abuse driven bullycide based on homophobic biased harassment. What started out as a joke had far reaching unintended consequences. The truth was murdered. Michael was left to flounder with adult like problems, and those problems spread like wild fire taking on a life of it's own and in its wake  the perfect storm of death and destruction descended on our youngest son. He shot himself on his 17th birthday, September 15, 2008 while at Mira Loma High School located in Sacramento, CA.


Brave Society is Michael's legacy.  It is the legacy of love, and the ongoing work to always help the hurting by speaking life; to do something and to say something, and in that moment to plant seeds of hope.

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