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Triple AAA Approach

B.R.A.V.E. Society’s Youth Development Programs provide experiential training to promote positive attention seeking behavior by encouraging youth to be courageous, loving, respectful and accepting individuals while celebrating academic, social and personal achievements in a safe, non-violent school environment through connectedness and empathy

Fresh Start provides effective parenting tools to help parents navigate the new world of technology and the new order of our society. 

Fresh Start


The purpose of Speaklife is to leave an impact that will inspire our children to pass on the tools of awareness, accountability and action.  We do this in a fast paced 45 minute assembly that begins with building a healthy community through team building and teaching healthy conflict resolution skills. Speaklife is a stand-alone peer abuse prevention program that fits well with intervention / prevention strategies, and character building programs.  Additionally Speaklife lends itself to the mindfulness approach to social justice as well as restorative practices.

The Wave

The Wave address Peer Abuse and Bullying in schools and in the community, the tremendous effect of cruelty and meanness needs to be addressed.  Creating a conscious and accountable awareness through empathy enhancing experiential training is an effective tool to change the undercurrent of school culture into a more caring and accepting environment.